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Korean business law - investment for startup

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Start-up companies typically receive an investment through an angel or an accelerator. The angel investment and the accelerator have in common that they earn monetary profits like stocks at the expense of their investments. Of course, if the start-up business fails, it may be difficult to get the money back, but the point is that the profit is also significant if the risk is large.

First, angel investment means that it is like an angel in that it provides monetary support without any involvement in business operation even before proving the possibility of success.
In addition, the accelerator is a place where the commercial purpose is clear and the support success rate is raised and grown with various supports.

After the various supports, they will be able to demonstrate the early versions of the demo products and business models developed by the startup.
We will organize 'Demo Day', which is an announcement event, to announce the companies and expand the business to media and industry people. In the end, everything is a program for the so-called "exits," which means faster termination of investment activities, that is, returns on investment amounts.

The basic idea of ​​attracting investment is to get what you own and receive the price. Therefore, the more you attract start-up investment, the less your stake will be, so if you do not plan to do it right now, you may want to reduce your initial investment. In addition, if the propensity of investors and entrepreneurs do not match,
You need to be careful because it can go crazy,
There are ways to get financial support from investors like this, but if you have our own technology, you can get a loan based on 'technology'. The Technology Guarantee Fund examines the intangible technology of companies with weak collateral capabilities and issues a technical guarantee. At this time, the technical evidence is a requirement to receive a loan at a lower interest rate if submitted to a financial institution.

In Gibo, various assurance programs are being implemented for SMEs who are engaged in new technology business. Technology review is applied to different evaluation models according to the stage of growth of the company, and comprehensive consideration is given to marketability, technological feasibility, .

However, it should be noted that this is a loan. The government does not support the principal but supports some of the interest. Most of the time when the loan is received, the CEO 's guarantee is included.

In addition, there are also ways to raise money for the start-up funding program led by the government, or to be recognized by entrepreneurship contests and hacker tones.

Attracting unplanned start-up investment has a negative impact on the investment in the downstream investment. If you do not need to invest, but you have an investment,
This is because a large portion of the profits must be returned to the investor. In contrast, if you invest too much and run out of your investment before your business grows, it will be harder to get additional investment, and investors will be able to collect your investment back at the company.

Therefore, the founder should consider the characteristics and strengths of my company, choosing the right investment method is of the utmost importance.