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Korean law - speculation

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What is speculation?

A transaction that aims to acquire profits arising from the fluctuation of the price of a product or securities is called speculation. It is the same as general merchandise sale in the point of seeking profit of sale. However, there is a special feature in that it is not aimed at buying or selling an article itself, but only in anticipation of market fluctuations inevitably or accidentally, establishing a sale and obtaining profits as a result. In other words, the difference between trading for speculation and accidental trading is that the motive is only for the acquisition of price fluctuations. Therefore, speculative trading is concentrated on stocks and real estate, where price fluctuations are severe and forecasts are difficult to predict.

To determine the speculation of legal meaning:

The Supreme Court defines speculation as "an act that can not be tolerated among the means of fund management or asset retention." Unless it is so illegal, it is hard to see with speculation. Regardless of the individual or the corporation, it should not be construed as speculation that it has been profitable in a short period of time. In order to judge whether it is a speculative act in the legal sense, it is necessary to judge the target real estate and the transaction process, price fluctuation and transaction method, size and number of transactions,

Difference between speculation and investment
- Investment in real estate: investing capital in real estate for long-term purposes with the aim of earning profits through production activities
- Real estate speculation: means to hold real estate for the purpose of acquiring transfer profits. In other words, not having the purpose of pursuing profit by using for production activity, but holding land more than the scale that can be developed and used by itself for the purpose of profit of transfer

Investment and ambiguous boundaries
Many people are curious about whether real estate speculation is illegal. In terms go back to the story of a child singer Yu investment of individual level will have a difficult view to speculative activities. It is merely a short-term profit margin that should not be dictated by speculation. Therefore, the child's UCB building purchases is difficult to see that this illegality. If you only pay taxes on your profits, you have no legal problems.

Seoul real estate speculation
The city of Seoul said that it will carry out joint crackdown on all regions until March this year. The city of Seoul is planning to crack down on illegal transactions of real estate speculation, and the crackdown will be carried out seasonally until March, the peak season. The crackdown will be carried out at all times, but unlike in previous years, It is said to be. Recently, Seoul has acknowledged that the market has been stagnated due to missing transactions, and it is said that there are many complexes that start selling in Seoul earlier this year, so there is also a purpose to crack down on illegal transactions.

I talked about real estate speculation. I do not know if I can see investment and speculation as a difference. I do not know if there are some real estate and stock speculators who know where they are now. It is difficult to clearly distinguish between the two of them, so if you say that investment is aimed at the profit of the market, investing in speculation will be the only thing you know.

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