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Criminal law in Korea - taking pictures without consent

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The crime of imposture crime is precisely the term 'shooting with cameras'. Nowadays, when you go to a subway or a public restroom, you can easily see the words "safe from camera" and "taking a secret body is a criminal act." Although crime has been widespread in the past, the voices have been rising lately, It is atmosphere that we control with. How much of a crime in the Republic of Korea would you say, "Safe from the mall?" In public toilets?

So now the toilet is no longer a comfortable space, but it has become a space of fear that 'someone may be watching'. Nowadays, it is said that the number of women who carry pouches and drivers and poke holes and slits directly in the toilet is also increasing. There are also a variety of preventive products such as stickers that block the holes in the bathroom. In this way, not only the toilet but also the public facilities are free from crime.

Taking pictures with cameras?
A crime that occurs when a person's body, which can be used to talk about sexual harassment, is photographed without consent by using a camera or similar mechanism, is called a shooting with a camera. Even if there is a consent of the other person in the process of shooting, the action that the person does not know can be punished by shooting the camera.

More punishment
In December, the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes and the Criminal Act on the Use of Photographs of Cameras were revised. The Special Act on Sexual Abuse before the Revision was taken only by taking pictures of the "other person's body" against the doctor who caused the sexual desire shame by using a camera or other similar mechanism with the camera, In cases such as being captured by an exceptional case, it was difficult to apply the charges. However, in the amendment, the "body of another person" was changed to a "human body" to minimize the punishment of punishment. The level of punishment, which was 5 years or less than 10 million won, was punishable by imprisonment of 5 years or 30 million won I was up.

Also, even if a person agrees to shoot, if he spreads against a doctor, he will be imprisoned for up to 3 years or a fine of 5 million won or less, and imprisoned for up to 5 years or fined up to 30 million won. In particular, if illegal footage is distributed using information and communication network for commercial purposes, the fine will be deleted and punishable only for up to 7 years imprisonment. It is also possible to punish those who distribute replicas in addition to the images taken by the body themselves. If you reproduce illegal footage on your computer and shoot the image again on your mobile phone, you will face up to 5 years in prison or a fine of less than 30 million won.

65% of felonies are acquaintances
According to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family on March 17, a total of 21,870 illegal footprints were deleted by the center staff in the past eight months. Among the 5687 cases that were reported to the center, the most common case was "a case in which a boyfriend who disseminated a video of sexual intercourse with vengeance (2267 cases)". (1699 cases), and 803 cases of threatening to spread pictures or video material. It is said that the victim is suffering from a double-shot of illegal shooting, dissemination, and intimidation.

Taking pictures with cameras, etc. The punishment has been further strengthened. As the public opinion gets hotter, the number of people accused of unfairly accusing others is increasing. However, if you are accused of such a felony crime, your image will be seriously damaged, and even if the charge is removed, it may be difficult to restore the image that was stolen. Therefore, if you are accused, it is advisable to quickly appoint a professional attorney to escape charges.

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