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Korean family law- marriage in misrepresentation

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It is "marriage" that two men and women meet and live together for a lifetime. In order to be in the heart of reason, there are times when you often lie, but once you are lying, you will continue and if you want to hide the lie again you will need another lie. So it is often the case that the other party decides to marry it. However, there are a lot of people who say that marriage seems to be a fraudulent marriage.
Fraud marriage that is more than drama
There are so many stimulating materials in the drama. You may think that you can see the drama in the closing drama, "What is the matter with you?" However, reality is much lower than drama. And because the cases are so diverse and extensive, even if it seems like a marriage fraud, we have to look at many things to make a fraud.
Fraud marriage
Marriage fraud is a fraud that deceives you to marry and takes away property from a marriage partner. In the Republic of Korea, there is no statutory provision for marriage fraud, and you will be subject to criminal punishment based on fraud. Depending on the circumstances, fraud may or may not occur. It is possible to cancel the marriage or to cancel the marriage if the lie about the economic aspect is above a certain level, but after confirming the specific situation, the fraud can be established.
When you are struggling alone
There are many cases of marriage fraud. Usually, it is difficult to proceed alone, and if you are going to sue, it is best to make a decision through consultation with a lawyer. Divorce can be claimed for reasons such as repeated lie of the other party after marriage. In case of alimony, it can be claimed irrespective of property if it proves cause of remedy.
Conviction of fraud
As mentioned above, because there is no provision for marriage fraud as a separate law, you can be subject to criminal punishment by fraud. Fraudulent people who receive a gift of property or profits from their property are liable to imprisonment for not more than 10 years or a fine of up to 20 million won. Or when a third party is required to obtain the gift of property or gain property benefits. However, because fraud is not a personal and spiritual benefit, it does not constitute a fraud.
There are so many different kinds of marriage fraud these days. However, since it is difficult to establish if it does not affect the property or if it is not the case, there are a lot of cases in the blind spot of the law, and it is desirable to solve it through consultation with the lawyer. I hope you can solve it.

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