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Korean Criminal Law - negligence on job duty

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In the case of mishandling of work, it is one of the frequent occurrences in the medical field. For example, the newborn baby at Mokdong hospital was killed at the same time. In this case, four newborn babies in the hospital were seriously killed while being treated. The hospital said there were various emergency measures, but there was speculation that the newborn was dead, so it was a death due to sepsis. Therefore, the officials of Lee Mok-dong Hospital related to this case were charged with the accusation of manslaughter.

What is Mortality?
If punishment prescribed by penal law neglects the necessary care for the work and leads to death, it is given to the perpetrator. MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS The death penalty is heavier than the punishment of simple manslaughter. A misdemeanor or negligent homicide refers to a crime that is committed by negligently injuring a person's body or leading to death. In this case, the consequences of injury or death are not intentional and it is due to negligence.
Punishment level
A business fault is a case where a worker fails to anticipate or avoid the outcome of a work due to negligence of a state obligation specifically required due to the nature of the work or the status of the work. Compared with ordinary negligence, illegal and liability is increased and punishment is severe. A business crime is a crime that causes a person to commit an accident to a worker due to a business fault. Any person who causes death due to a business fault or serious negligence is subject to a fine of 5 years or less or a fine of 20 million won or less.

Difference between intention and error
Many people confuse intent and negligence. Both intentional and negligent concepts have in common that they perceive that infringement may have occurred. However, intent is that there must be a willingness to act such as the occurrence of such damage, the intention of the infringement of others, and the inevitability of such consequences. However, there is a difference that in the case of negligence, the person is acting erroneously and that it may cause unjust harm to others, but he is not motivated to do so.

The medical sector is the most frequent cause of mishandling. In addition to this, many kinds of job losses are frequent in business. If a medical dispute is in the process of preparing a medical dispute, it will be a priority to be able to interpret and respond to the case clearly. In particular, in the case of medical disputes, You will need to prepare with a lawyer who has experience and know-how. With the lawyer, it is the core of the case that he has made the best effort for the patient and it reveals to whom the fault is.

In addition to medical care, malpractice in business is occurring in various fields such as construction, food, mold, manufacturing, and construction management. These jobs require a higher level of care than the general public, and if they do, they can be judged as having done a much bigger mistake than a normal person. However, if the actor has fulfilled his or her duty of care, but has been affected by the life of another person, he / she may be charged with homicidal homicide, so you need to appoint a lawyer promptly.