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Korean Civil Procedure - administrative judgment

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What is Administrative Judgment? Here, the administrative judgment is to cancel the disposition of the administrative office to the Administrative Judgment Committee of the prize administration office for the purpose of relieving the rights or the interests of the people infringed by the illegal or improper disposition or omission of the administrative office, and to make certain dispositions.

Instructions for making an administrative appeal 1) When making an administrative appeal, we will use all means to prove it without any limitations such as illegality, unfairness, and livelihood. 2) In particular, in the course of drinking alcohol control, you should write the composition in a way that you can prove illegality, unfairness, and harshness. 3) In the past, cancellation of license suspension, accident, drunk driving, violation of regulations may be affected. 4) You must write inevitability as motivation for drunk driving. It is important to note that administrative judgments tend to consider public interest in preference to personal circumstances such as family difficulties.

Instructions for making an administrative appeal It is more likely that you will be able to receive an administrative appeal by submitting an administrative appeal to the committee that describes your circumstances and attaches evidence to support its contents, such as what to do if your driver's license is canceled. Therefore, it is good to fill out the contents in detail. In this case, the personal information of the applicant, the applicant, the ruling, the disposition content to be claimed, reason for the referee request, etc., and the evidence documents and evidence can be attached. In addition, administrative appeal claims and other documents must be electronically documented and submitted through the electronic information processing organization operated by the committee.

On average, it takes 30 to 40 days to complete and takes up to 60 days. The total period of relief is two months. The average length of the litigation is three months or more. Administrative judgments are of the nature of informal litigation, so they are fairly short in light of litigation. However, if you prepare all of these processes by yourself, the process can take a very long time. It is therefore recommended that you seek the help of a professional in order to reduce the waste of time and effort.